It’s a tough world. Business is changing every day. Work environments are more riddled with stress than ever before.   At this pivotal moment,  a workplace survival guide should include the inspiration and innovation of an employee motivator.   Happier employees lead to more retention and less attrition, and a stronger position in the tough business arena.  Carl not only coaches, he inspires people to set goals, maintain the highest of standards, and deliver excellent results.    Carl Richards, the employee motivator who clocks in early and stays late to get the job done!

“Carl is a bright and fun speaker. You will enjoy having him either present or teach your group. He is a very supportive person and works hard to find ways to encourage and facilitate growth. Carl enjoys speaking in front of groups and has an impressive background of speaking. If you are looking for someone to help your group to develop or bond together, check with Carl!”

Susan Brooks, Entrepreneur