Carl is a top notch executive and personal coach, focussing on strengthening the core competency of communication while fostering leadership excellence.  Whether it’s one on one, or in a group, Carl coaches with passion, pulling from his several years of experience as a broadcaster and public speaker.  Carl knows that every person, whether at the beginning of a career or top CEO needs an individual who can help mould and shape.   For you, or for your team, the clear path to success starts with Carl Richards,  your executive and personal coach.

“Carl is one of the few people I’ve met who can give feedback without offending, without driving a wedge of animosity. Carl first let me know what was strong about the speech, and what elements were confusing, or that could be made stronger. Carl’s approach, consistently, was to put his observations to me in a way that left for me the hard work of figuring out just how to re-work the speech. With Carl’s help, I explored fully the creative direction in which I wanted to go with the speech, found that it wasn’t quite working, and re-crafted. In fact, the speech went through three major versions, and something like forty minor revisions. Moreover, Carl helped me not just with the crafting of the speech, but its presentation: pacing, use of the stage, vocal variety, gestures, and perhaps most importantly, strong and memorable beginnings and endings.
Carl Richards: My Speech Coach.”

Bryon McConnell
Downtown Kingston Toastmasters
Manager, Federal Civil Service