why speech coachingIt’s all about you. The quickest most effective way to grow your business and position yourself as an expert is to:

  • Network

  • Get out there and speak

  • Connect with new and existing clients

Any way you look at it, you can’t grow a profitable business by NOT speaking.  Look at all the big names who make speaking part of their life. Sit down and write out the names of 5-10 famous people in the business world and I’ll guarantee you they do a lot of speaking. Yes, some have written best selling books, like Depak Choppra and Jack Canfield.  Some have empowered us to move our lives forward in our lives and in our businesses, like Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma. Some have even shown us how to move into second careers, like Jim Treliving and Bob Proctor. Do you know what they all have in common? They all speak. Even though they’ve grown 7, 8, 9 figure businesses, they all still speak.

So what makes your business different?  Absolutely nothing at all!  The only difference is you may not be speaking enough. Why?  Maybe you’re afraid to speak like I was. Stuttering will do that to a person. Or maybe it’s because, like a lot of us, you were never really taught how to speak. Or maybe it’s because you don’t know how important speaking is in business.

Whatever the reason, it’s OK.

It’s not your fault.  You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s like goal setting.  Also something we pretty much glossed over in school. So if you’ve never done it how can you possibly know how to do it?

This much I don know, from today on, after reading t his and navigating other parts of this site, you’ll start so feel a shift.  You’ll start to learn and understand more about the world of speaking. It takes more than just understanding though.  If you want to grow your business by speaking more, it will take action.  I had a mentor once tell me if you do nothing, you’ll hit your goals every time!  Pretty harsh, Iknow.  Yet, somehow he was right. If you keep doing the same thing and expect things will change, there is a good chance they won’t.

I’m here to help you navigate through the complex and often misinformed world of speaking.  Whether it’s pitching to a group of potential investors or speaking to a group of entrepreneurs and business people, I’ve done it.  I’ve also made a lot of mistakes and ‘failed forward.’

If you’re ready to be the expert and speak like one, let’s chat. It starts with a Speaking Breakthrough Session, where we identify your goals for speaking, review the top 5 mistakes nearly every entrepreneur makes when it comes to speaking, and then we set a plan in motion to take your speaking and business to world class status.

If you’re ready to take your speaking to the next level,

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