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LIVING THE DREAM momondays Aurora

I had the opportunity to speak at momondays in Aurora Ontario recently. Now, if you're not familiar with momondays, put storytelling in a blender, add dash of humour, personal transformation, a whole lot of inspiration, a terrific audience, hit the high setting, and out comes momondays. There are moShows all across Canada...and the popularity of [...]

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Coming in 2017….OWN THE PLATFORM!

I'm excited to unveil the new six week program I'm launching in February 2017: OWN THE PLATFORM HIGH IMPACT SPEAKING PROGRAM What is it? This six week program gives you the tools needed to confidently and successfully deliver a 30 second pitch,  2 minute talk and a 10 minute talk. It also features a LIVE [...]

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Is 2017 YOUR year?

Hi it's Carl Richards. Are you looking to take 2017 and make it a truly remarkable year? If you are then I have something truly amazing you'll want to take advantage of in the days to come. I'm launching a brand new 6 week high impact speaking program that will prepare you for speaking not [...]

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New video!  Check it out.  This is my entry for  So You Think You Can Speak.  Give it a thumbs up or leave a comment. Thanks!!

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Carl Richards On Overcoming Speaking Fear

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Afraid of Public Speaking?

Face it. You're dealthy afraid of public speaking.  Perhaps you fear it more than death.  So where does that fear come from? Harness your fear of public speaking through practice, visualization and relaxation techniques.

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Write For The Ear

Writing a presentation is different from writing an essay.  For speeches it's best to write 'for the ear. Write for the ear, instead of the eye, and make every word count.

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Plan Ahead

Planning ahead leads to better preparation and higher confidence when you deliver: Give yourself enough time to map out your presentation.  You'll win over your audience with a stronger, well thought out message.  

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Speaking Tips

Know Your Audience.  It's crucial for being able to deliver your material: Check back here for next weeks' tip.

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Making Your Message Count For Every Audience

As a competitor in various speaking  contests, I find one thing remains the same:  The Message.  Matter of fact, some speech contests insist you don’t change your message from one level of competition to another.  Though there is something to be said about honing your message and making it sparkle and shine,  altering your message [...]

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