Saturday September 8th, 2018 8:30am-5pm Travelodge Kingston 2360 Princess Street Kingston, Ontario This exciting LIVE event is the final component for the participants in Carl Richards’ 12 week Program by the same name and his Signature Talk Fast Track. Each participant delivers  a ten minute signature talk and is given rapid fire feedback on their [...]

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So What’s Holding You Back From Launching Your Podcast?

Last week I was talking about how a podcast can really highlight you and your business. A lot of people liked the ideas...but some were still unsure of whether or not they should. What's holding you back from launching your podcast? Time? Money? Resources? Watch this will help you not feel stuck:

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Launch Your Podcast For Next To $0

I've spoken with a number of people who say the main reason they have yet to launch a podcast is money. Too expensive! Actually it takes less money than you think to get up and podcasting. This video explores what you need to start your some cases for $0 or close to it!

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The Scary World of Podcasting: Things You Didn’t Know

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The best way to shift your business and attract the clients you want is to speak about your business. One way you can do that is to start a podcast. Though, a lot of people are very much afraid to...OR, not sure how to get started. There [...]

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Networking…What is it? Call it marketing YOU!

I talk to a lot of business people, especially brand new entrepreneurs who admit the DON'T attend networking events. It's that or they don't network enough. If speaking is the fastest way to grow your business, wouldn't it stand to reason that the best place to talk about what you do would be at networking [...]

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What’s The Best Way To Shift Your Business & Raise Your Profile?

You are the best person to promote what it is that you do. On Facebook Live last week I was talking about how you can shift your business and raise your profile by speaking about your business. Have a look:

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LIVING THE DREAM momondays Aurora

I had the opportunity to speak at momondays in Aurora Ontario recently. Now, if you're not familiar with momondays, put storytelling in a blender, add dash of humour, personal transformation, a whole lot of inspiration, a terrific audience, hit the high setting, and out comes momondays. There are moShows all across Canada...and the popularity of [...]

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