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Create Compelling Content to Showcase Your Expertise

Speak Directly to Your Ideal Client to Increase Leads and Sales

Become a Global Authority and Reach Audiences You Didn’t Know Existed

Podcast Launch Made Simple (FREE workshop week)

  • Discover the many benefits of having a podcast – are you missing out?
  • Identify what’s holding you back from launching
  • Learn the podcast foundations to get your message out to the world
  • Get a complete list of equipment needed to launch
  • Source tools for your podcast title, intro & extro, artwork, and music
  • Create a bio that will earn you a guest spot on other people’s podcasts

Workshop includes:

  • 5 x 60-minute daily calls (Monday through Friday)
  • BONUS: 1 x 60-minute Q&A session (Saturday)
  • Detailed workbook

Podcast Launch Made Simple prepares you for the 60 Days to Launch Program

“Totally changed my perspective on podcasting!” – Diana Lidstone, The Entreprenuers GPS Mallorytown, Ontario

“One of the most informative sessions on how to do a podcast!” – Bernie Franzgrote Kreativ Insight Consultants Ottawa, Ontario

“Carl’s podcasting workshop provided the perfect framework for creating, developing, and to start executing the right podcast to represent you and your brand. – Heather Di Santo Founder & CEO, DiSH Events – Durham, Ontario


60 Days to Launch (6-Week Program)

  • Create compelling content to raise your credibility and position you as a visible expert
  • ​Record, edit, and perform basic multi-tracking for crisp, clear and credible content
  • ​Select and navigate the technology and equipment with ease and confidence
  • ​​Choose theme music that gives your brand the right sound and vibration
  • ​Generate eye-catching artwork that makes you and your brand stand out
  • ​Build a marketing strategy to expand your audience and grow your following
  • ​Look and sound world-class on iTunes & other listening platforms (Spotify, etc.)

Program includes:

  • 6 x 60-minute weekly calls (once per week for six weeks)
  • ​2 x 60-minute Q&A Sessions (week 3 and week 5)
  • ​​1 x 30 Minute Podcast Launch Strategy Call with Carl Richards
  • Bonus Zoom Call: Confidence Building and Relaxation Using Essential Oils
  • Detailed workbook

60 Days to Launch provides tools and coaching to get your podcast up and running in 60 Days

“I went from not knowing I needed a podcast to learning how to do one in 60 days!” – Cindy Little CEO, Health2WealthInc Ottawa, Ontario

“Carl’s detailed instruction really simplified the process for me and provided me with so much confidence…I’m launching 3 Podcasts this year!” – Jon Kapity, Business Strategist Zion, Illinois


Triple A Podcast Interview Bootcamp

  • Learn how to interview like Oprah and field questions like you’re sitting on Oprah’s couch
  • Discover your blueprint for connecting with the right guests, including pre-interview strategies to ensure sure you are guest-ready, and your guests are podcast-ready
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to get a stellar interview every time
  • Turn boring interviews into riveting conversations with insider-techniques
  • Navigate difficult conversations and awkward moments with empathy and ease
  • Master post-interview best practices that get results for both host and guest
  • ​Market and monetize to share on both networks, build both audiences ​
  • Receive industry tips to boost your downloads and grow your audience

Bootcamp includes:

  • ​1 x 1/2 Day Interview Prep (9:30am – 1:30pm)
  • ​1 x 1/2 Day Interview Practice with Feedback (9:30am – 1:30-pm)
  • ​Copy of Recorded interview to review or post
  • ​​Guest interview checklists and podcast marketing template
  • Detailed workbook

Get ready to host relaxed, professional interviews that create Authority, Authenticity and Affluence

Launched my podcast in February, 2021. Went back and did the Bootcamp…Learned A LOT! – Lena Cebula, Author/Speaker – Toronto, Ontario

“Carl has been a great asset in helping me through the steps to create an impactful podcast with world class interviews. He’s always been helpful and supportive through our process.” – Tony Gyenis, Clairvoyant/Founder of Phoenix Networking Group Ottawa, Ontario


Platinum Podcast Production Services – Annual Package

  • Get all the benefits of a podcast while you focus on what you do best
  • Build your profile as a local and international expert
  • Leverage your message and showcase your unique brand
  • Reach new audiences to connect quickly and easily with best-fit ideal clients
  • All you have to do is record your episode and market your finished podcast

Package includes:

  • Full editing and complete mixdown of podcast content
  • Uploading each episode to host site
  • Creating or curating show notes
  • Original music score exclusive to your podcast
  • Original artwork exclusive to your podcast
  • Voiceover services provided by Carl Richards or other professional voice
  • Audiogram and video-gram for promotion
  • Guest liaison where needed
  • Transcription services
  • Annual maintenance (52 episodes per year)

Elevate your professional profile, cultivate your global audience, and connect with more ideal clients – get your platinum podcast done for you so you can focus on growing your business

“WOW! Carl & his team are professional, detail oriented and never miss a deadline…always deliver on time! ” – Ron Wiebe, Certified Business Intermediary Montreal, Quebec

“INVALUABLE! ” Carl & his team are a valuable resource for making my ‘Talks On The Wild Side’ Interview- Style Podcast come to life. – Anna Pilon, Life Transformation Coach/Dream Agent Guelph, Ontario