About the seminar:

This workshop is for those who are experiencing great change in the workforce, or in their personal lives. It’s designed to help individuals roll with change and innovatively adapt to a new way of working, and a new way of life. This session will discuss how the business and workforce is changing, and what future generations could potentially expect.

Life is about balance. When change occurs, sometimes our lives, what we know, who we are, becomes lost.  This session will give insight on how to create a plan of action in the event of job loss and corporate restructuring. It will delve into how various levels of fear impede personal and professional growth in times of change.

In addition, this workshop will explore in great detail how to be a victor over circumstances, instead of a victim of circumstances. The session will provide useful tools on positive thought and dialogue, modern ways of dealing with stressful situations, and insightful methods for maintaining relevance while becoming a better worker, professional, and community ambassador.

NOTE: This workshop can be adapted as a Keynote Address.    


About the presenter:

Carl Richards has spent close to two decades behind the microphone, as a broadcaster and now a Professional Speaker. As a Speech Coach, he’s assisted many people in overcoming anxiety and stage fright. Carl has coached local business professionals in strengthening the core competency of communication and developing pre-eminent leadership skills. A past winner of the coveted Toastmasters International Speech Contest, Carl enjoys sharing his messages of motivation and inspiration.


Contact information:

E-mail: askcarl@carlspeaks.ca“>askcarl@carlspeaks.ca