Proper Microphone Usage And Technique

Is this on? Can you hear me? Check One Check.   (tap, tap tap!) Sound familiar? Quite often as speakers, we’re called on to use a mike so we can be heard in a larger room.   Do you know how to use a microphone with ease? Do you know the difference between a lavaliere and a head set? Tie Clip and a hand held? Do you speak into that microphone with confidence, or do you run from them, for fear they’ll inappropriately squeal at you?   This workshop will explore the different styles of microphones used by speakers, how to use them effectively with proper voice projection, and how to troubleshoot on the spot when your mike doesn’t seem to be working.   This workshop will also give participants basic knowledge of mike/mixer/speaker set up and sound check instruction.

This workshop will be given by Carl Richards. Carl is no stranger to the microphone. He’s worked as a radio broadcaster, mobile disc jockey, and now is a professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Speech Coach.  

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